Villas, apartments and hotels in Mishor

Mishor (Crimea) - a great place for recreation, located on the southern coast of Crimea. Today Mishor part of the settlement Koreiz.

Mishor - that's 7 miles of sandy beaches, warm sea, the beautiful sun. Coast Mishora greens nestled numerous parks, among which hid the body resorts and sanatoriums.

The charm of the area and the special healing properties of the air gives Mishora pine forest, located on the slopes of surrounding mountains.

What to do in Miskhor

Mishor predostavolyaet opportunity to relax in peace and quiet, or to take part in more active pastimes. In Miskhor can enjoy scuba diving, horseback rides, biking and ATV, flights to paroplanah. Boat rides and trips along the Southern coast of Crimea will be presented with good humor and good for the entire year.

As can be seen in Miskhor

Things of Mishora:

  • Cape Ai-Todor; 
  • lift Mishor - Mount Ai-Petri; 
  • Mishorsky Park (XVIII century); 
  • sculptural group "The Girl and the robber Arzy Ali Baba"; 
  • Mermaid on a rock in the sea; 
  • Palace 'Dulber "(now the resort).

Resting in Miskhor, you can find any sights of Big Yalta, including:

  • Bear Mountain; 
  • Swallow's Nest; 
  • Cape Ai-Todor; 
  • Church of St. Nina; 
  • The Tsar's trail; Ai-Petri; 
  • Foros Church (Foros), located on a cliff;
  • Livadia Palace (Livadia); 
  • Vorontsov's palace with immense park (Alupka); 
  • Massandra Palace (Massandra); 
  • Yusupov Palace (Miskhor); 
  • House Museum, AP Chekhov; 
  • Museum of Lesya Ukrainka; 
  • Glade of fairy tales; 
  • Yalta Zoo "Fairy Tale"; 
  • Nikita Botanical Garden (Nikita); 
  • Wuchang-Sioux Falls.

How to get to Mishor

In Mishor can be reached from Simferopol to Yalta in the transplant. From Simferopol to Yalta shuttle trolleys and buses, departing from the railway area. From Yalta to Mishor can be reached by sea or by bus.

Where to stay in Miskhor

Mishor - a health resort of Crimea. Here is a great selection of resorts and guest houses that successfully treat circulatory diseases, nervous system and respiratory system.

Guests and residents of the peninsula are waiting for homes and recreation centers. The private sector can Mishora rent an apartment, house or cottage a different price range.

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