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South- east coast of Crimea

South – east coast of Crimea is famous thanks to such resorts as Theodosius, Planerskoe, Shebetovka and Sudak. The same can be also Stary Krym, although it is 25 km from the sea.

Feodosia beach almost equal as Evpatoria beach, famous beaches are in Planerskoe and Sudak too. It should be noted that sea beaches in the south- eastern zone is much better than beaches of South Beach.



In health resorts of Feodosiya treat nervous, cardiovascular, gastro- intestinal diseases.

In recent years, the resort of Feodosiya used local mineral water source, “Theodosia” , which is similar in chemical composition to the “Essentuki” № 4. It is used to treat mud from Adzhigol salt lake, located near the city.

Sudak, Planerskoe, Shebetovka – seaside climatic resorts. The abundance of grapes in these places favored botryotherapy. Healing the mountain forest air of Stary Krym is indicated for the treatment of active TB of the lungs and upper respiratory tract.



Between Alushta and Sudak are Malorechenskoye village, Solnechnogorskoe, Rybache, Privetnoye and Morskoe. There are a lot of sun, nice beaches, an abundance of greenery and spectacular natural landscapes, which creates conditions for the organization of a full-fledged summer vacation.

Very interesting for tourism is Karaby – mountain pasture and coastal strip from the village to the Sea of Sudak. This part of the coast of the beauty of nature does not yield to the attractive location of the Southern coast. It is especially beautiful area of the New World.

 Karaby - mountain

Karaby – mountain

Very interesting are the ruins of a medieval (Genovese) Fortress in Sudak, Karadag mountain range, which is the only original monument of nature.

To the south- eastern part of the Kerch Peninsula and the adjacent city of Kerch, located on the shores of the Kerch Strait.

Kerch Peninsula is rich in archaeological and historical monuments. About the ancient Bosporus state and its capital – Panticapaeum evidence located in the city and in the surrounding area settlements, burial mounds, tombs, etc. Many monuments of the Middle Ages, the Civil and Great Patriotic War.

Genovese Fortress

Genovese Fortress

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